Penny Pax is the Bitch who Stole Christmas

EverythingButt: Every Whore down in Whore-ville liked Christmas a lot
but the Bitch who lived just north of Whore-ville did NOT

The Bitch hated christmas! The whole Christmas Season!
Now please don’t ask why, We will get to the reason!

With the Thrust of her cock and the warmth of the Goo
The Bitch got an idea and knew just what to do

Then The Bitch thought of something she hadn’t before!
“maybe Christmas, ” she thought, ” doesn’t come from a store”
“Maybe Christmas…..perhaps means buttholes galore!”

Penny Pax IS the Bitch who stole christmas. Penny has had enough of christmas cheer. She stalks her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend and wants to take the cheer right out of her. She abducts Savanna Fox and stuffs her full of xmas ornaments which Savanna has to push out of her asshole in order to get them out. Then Penny stuffs her fist into Savanna’s ass then fucks her asshole while snowman cum drips from Savannah’s gaping hole Actors: Savannah Fox, Penny Pax