Therapeutic Anal

SexAndSubmission: Tommy gets a strict lecture from his girlfriend about him fucking up, and all he can do is complain about how everything is someone else’s fault. He has court appointed therapy and his therapist, Katrina doesn’t put up with his complaining. He arrives at his session, and instantly
Katrina starts fucking with him. Every button that she can push, she pushes with all her might.
Try as he may, Tommy loses his temper and does exactly what he’s been wanting to do. He slaps
her around, and then ties her up and uses all of her holes. He starts with an deep throat fucking,
then moves to her pussy for a quick minute. He quickly grows tired of her cunt, and violates her
ass, and Katrina dares him to do his damnedest. She is not afraid of him, so he continues to
torment her and fuck her tight ass until he decides to cover her in his cum. Actors: Katrina Colt, Tommy Pistol