Paying Your Dues: Katie Kush and Tommy Pistol

SexAndSubmission: Katie Kush is an aspiring actress with dreams of becoming a big Hollywood star. The
problem is that her agent isn’t giving her the attention that she thinks she deserves. He’s been
dodging her calls, so she decides to pay him a visit to show him what she is willing to do to make
it big. Unfortunately, Katie may have bitten off more than she can chew. Her agent, Tommy Pistol is a
scumbag agent and only gives his favorites clients the good roles. Katie has to play by his rules or
her dreams are never going to happen. Katie is willing to suck his cock, but when he pressures her
to do more, she starts to rethink her decision. Before she knows it, Katie is tied up and Tommy is
having his way with her. She wants the role and told herself that she would do anything to get it.
Tommy continues to exploit her for his own sexual desires which include torment and anal sex.
Lots and lots of ass fucking! In the end, Katie has all of her holes violated by Tommy’s cock, she
has been tormented, and all while being restrained in rope bondage. Actors: Katie Kush, Tommy Pistol