Lovely Slave Twin Set Trained to Please our Guest

TheUpperFloor: The Upper Floor will be entertaining Ramon Nomar for the first time, and on hand there is our elegant trained slave Amanda Tate and the gorgeous undisciplined sex slave Mandy Muse. Tate prepares the room for our guest to the best of her abilities, but to get anything done Mandy Must be gagged and set to a simple task she can understand – like pleasing Amanda’s pussy as the shoes are shined. When Roman finally arrives the girls have their beautiful asses presented in a neat row on a well made bed, reaffirming TUF standards of hospitality. Roman chooses to try out Mandy’s pussy first, but Amanda is a sly minx and manages to promote herself onto Roman’s cock in short order.

The next round of entertainment brings our guest to the lounge, where we are serving sloppy bookend blow jobs. Mandy manages to steal the show and the cock as Amanda is made to watch holding a heavy tray, but our well trained Tate manages once again to install herself on our guest’s dick and has the trainee slave pleasing her clit in no time. Actors: Ramon Nomar, Amanda Tate, Mandy Muse