Looking For Trouble: April Olsen and Tommy Pistol

SexAndSubmission: April lives a good life, with all of the things to make her happy all around her. She
has a nice house, car, and so on, but the when something isn’t as it should be she will throw a
tantrum quick. She calls her repair man to come repair her fridge, but he sends her to someone else.
Against her better judgment, April goes to meet this other handy man and realizes she has
stumbled upon a not so savory person. April gets mouthy with him and this is the only mistake she
needed to make to set him off. April attempts to run, but cannot escape his compound, or him.
April is taken to his trailer and for the next several hours Tommy has his way with her. Every hole
is violated and abused while she is restrained and kept helpless. He fucks her mouth, pussy, and
ass. April begs and pleads with him, but Tommy has other plans and is going to teach this bitch a lesson. You don’t get to go around acting like this and not expect some kind of consequence. Actors: April Olsen, Tommy Pistol