Gymnast, fitness model has her flexibility put to the test. Made to cum until she is a sweaty pig

Hogtied: Welcome back the always beautiful Wenona to hang out on the Hogtied set. Today we put this former Gymnast/Fitness model’s flexibility and toughness to the test.

Bound in the splits and to the wall, Wenona has never been more open, and helpless. Her huge nipples are swollen, her delicate feet begging for attention. Her shaved pussy is dripping wet and her clit is sensitive, just thinking about what might happen next.

As we begin our scene Wenona slowly begins to sweat. As we pick up the nipple torment, foot caning and pussy flogging, this girl is soon covered in a sheen of sweat as her body’s natural defense mechanisms kick in.

However nothing can save Wenona from the brutal orgasm torment she is about to endure. You see, after Wenona cums once her clit is so sensitive that even the slightest touch can send her screaming. Now imagine what happens when we leave the vibrator on and make her cum over and over and over..

It’s worse then you can possibly imagine, and by worse we mean freaking awesome! Actors: Wenona