Game, Set, Match: Anna Foxxx And Johnny Castle

SexAndSubmuission.Ana Foxxx has been taking tennis lessons from her trainer, Johnny Castle. One day she decides to
ask him over for a cold glass of lemonade to cool off after their lesson in the sun. Johnny jumps at
the chance to get to know her a little more, so they go to her house for refreshments. Shortly after
arriving, Ana starts to flirt with Johnny. He’s not sure what to think of this at first, but Ana makes
it abundantly clear what her intentions are, and he goes for it. The more they do, the dirtier Ana
gets. They begin in the kitchen, and can’t get enough of each other. Johnny is here for all of it even
when she says she wants to be tied up and abused. Next they move to a new area where Ana can
be bound and Johnny can show her a few other tricks he has. She is tied in a doggy position so
that he has full access to her and can spank her in the process. He throat fucks her and fucks her
pussy until she explodes with orgasms. Next they move to a table where Ana is on her back and
Johnny fucks her mercilessly into non stop orgasms.