Elise Graves – Harsh Treatment and Predicaments Noir Style – by The Pope!

DeviceBondage: Elise Graves is an extreme bondage model thats happiest subjected to the harshest treatments only predicaments like Device Bondage have to offer. This update has been treated in an experimental noir visual effect style with dark moody vignettes and we hope you enjoy it.

**SCENE 1**
Elise is installed in the Scavenger’s Daughter, stripped of the privilege of clothing and wears a cruel metal gag shoved deep into her mouth that when pulled up, pools the drool into her throat making her choke. The Pope utilizes this as an element of consequence if he does not get what he wants… Elise is put through her paces and we get to see how obedient she can be, or try to be.

**SCENE 2**
The ultimate “drawn and quartered” predicament. The Evil Pope has placed Elise standing on incredibly uncomfortable 4″ x 4″ wooden spikes that she has to balance on or suspend like a marionette. “See that I’m enjoying this? I’m just going to keep hitting you… hearing you scream,” Pope says. He is tired of looking at her face and encases it in vet wrap. The severity of her predicament increases and we begin to wonder exactly how long can Elise last before she suspends herself?

**SCENE 3**
The slut is suspended upside down by leather suspension boots. Her neck is trapped inverted in a stock and finally her head trapped in a wooden box. Her arms are bound behind with a metal pole and leather wrist cuffs and chain along her torso. One by one clothespins are attached with string underneath, creating a zipper in long lines across her rock hard abdomen. Her voice quivering, echos through the wooden box and out through her neck hole. The longer the clothespins bites into her skin, the more it hurts… Actors: Elise Graves