Dahlia’s Redemption

TheUpperFloor: The last time she appeared on the Upper Floor she proved to be a useless fuck. Thank God we had a regular house slave on hand to pick up the slack and take some hard dick in her slutty holes. Dahlia sat on the sidelines, fingering her clit and sucking balls. To say the least, the House was none too please with Miss Dahlia Sky.

Despite all that, we decide the little ho might be worth investing in, so we sent her to the basement for four days of Training o O to learn to fuck better. Now, she returns to show us what she learned.

When Dahlia Sky fails the House, she is sent to Training of O to learn to fuck better, and now she returns to the Upper Floor be redeemed. Actors: Owen Gray, Dahlia Sky, Penny Barber, Steven O’Master, Mickey Mod, Nerine Mechanique