Bryn Blayne gets a smack-down into submission – Live Show Part 2

DeviceBondage: Bryn is bound on a wooden box in an open pile diver position. Her thighs are strapped open and cinched to the box with black hemp rope. Her wrists and ankles are bound in leather cuffs and her forearms vet wrapped. Her head is encased in two gags – a head harness and plastic gag. She is pretty fucked.

A metal tube is tied into her ass hole. Claire says this is an homage to Cyd and we begin to get curious. Being a smoker in real life, Bryn gets a taste of her own medicine with cruel cigar and ash play… and later on much larger flames. The more the bitch squirms, the happier Claire gets. Actors: Bryn Blayne, Alani Pi