Anal In The Dungeon: Liv Revamped And Derrick Pierce

DungeonSex.Liv’s day begins with her on her hands and knees like a good whore should be,
awaiting her captor. She’s wearing an innocent looking bra and panty set, but she’s not fooling
anyone here. Derrick enters and goes to work giving this slut her instructions for the day, and
then dishes out some impact with his leather flogger. Her ass is spanked, then her panties ripped
from her body and shoved in her mouth. As Derrick fucks her pussy, he fingers her ass and tells
her that is the next hole he will violate. The rest of her outfit is ripped away and she is suspended
in a hogtie position. Derrick uses her mouth and pussy while fucking her ass with a butt plug.
Eventually the plug comes out and his cock goes deep in her ass. The final scene has Liv on her
back with her arms tied behind her in a Takate Kote aka TK. Derrick uses his cat-o-nine tails to
torment Liv before using all of her holes to his satisfaction. He employs the magic wand to push
Liv over the edge as he mercilessly fucks her ass until she explodes with orgasms.