Akira Raine – Wax Rain / Incredible Torment / Terror and Pleasure

DeviceBondage: The first scene begins with Akira affixed to a single column with pipe, arms above her head, and a nice red ball gag to match her soon to disappear bra and panties. JP wastes no time with this one. Her cunt and breasts get a vicious flogging and flip cat treatment. JP alternates each wave of strokes with a firm hand on her throat. She tries to keep up but you can hear her cries escalate. Having enough of her front, JP goes after her ass, then back to the front of her. With Akira’s hands pinned into the metal above her head, there isn’t a thing that can be done to hide her sensitive parts. Amused, JP adds nipple clamps and weights to Akira’s sensitive nipples. “Don’t you dare think about cumming,” JP warns. Her moans rhythmic and tormented by the swinging nipple clamps… we get to see her squeeze a painful orgasm from her clit.

In the next position, Akira is wearing a leather gag with a ring on the front, attached with chain to the ceiling to keep her head up. Her arms are bound with metal parallel to her body in a kind of strappado. She is straddled on a sybian with her knees spread and strapped open. JP comes in and turns on the sybian. Giving her a taste of pain, he starts to flog her ass, then adds on chop stick style nipple clamps. Her cunt is writhing over the sybian. To distract her more, JP adds clover clamps over the other nipple clamps and resumes to escalating the impact torment. Switching between the flip cat and the cane, she tries to focus on the pleasure… tries to at least.

In her final position, Akira is on the ground with her knees bent, and ankles under her ass. In her cunt a nice large dick is stuffed with a vibrator on top. Immediately JP makes quick work of a zipper extending up each side of her abdomen. With her arms above her head, she is again extended and vulnerable. JP finds another way to torment Akira. Taking a large candle and wrapping it in chicken wire, he uses a torch to instantly rain wax all over her body. After enjoying her screams for some time, JP decides now is the best time to release the zipper, slowly and painfully. Akira thinks its all over, but JP has more in store for her. He turns on the vibrator to get her pussy going and then introduces the cattle prod. In a vicious round robin of cattle prod and pleasure, we get to see Akira both turned on and terrified, climax in an incredibly hot scene! Actors: Akira Raine